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Couleurs d'origine export 1960 jade green

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Peut-être de ce coté


Color code L349 Jade green
  Year 8/1/59   Models 113,114,117,118
  Color Code Color Name
  Color Below Waistline
  Upholstery Material (Cloth) P136 Dust green
  Upholstery Material K332 Dust green
  Upholstery Material (leatherette#2) K337 Light green M135
  Headliner color U125 Light beige
  Door pillar color K185 B Light beige
  Convertible headliner color H123 Light beige
  Convertible Top Color
  Convertible Top Color, alternate
  Door panel color KsK26 Light green
  Door panel color, alternate KsK23 Dust green
  Sunroof cover color V73 Jade green
  Carpet color, front T109 Anthracite
  Carpet color, rear T110 Silver grey
  Armrest color KsK26 Light green
  Assist strap color Ks26 Light beige
  Wheel disc (center) L87 Pearl white
  Rim (outer) color L442 Swamp green
  Floor mat color
  Steering wheel color
  Gear shift and brake lever color
  Seat frame color
  Steering column tube color
  Grab handle color
  Running board mat color Black


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